The Hunt for the Akribis (Title Subject to Change - Look here for Plotline and Major Event Summary)


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    The Hunt for the Akribis (Title Subject to Change - Look here for Plotline and Major Event Summary) Empty The Hunt for the Akribis (Title Subject to Change - Look here for Plotline and Major Event Summary)

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    The Seelie and Unseelie are at war.

    Queen Tatiana, the fair Fae of the House of Sidhe*, has ascended to the throne to rule the Light Court. Under the guise of benevolence and honor, she has ordered the eradication of all disgusting Unseelie, such as the defiler who murdered her competitor, Rufus Taurus, in the campaign for the throne.

    Little do Tatiana and her conspirators at the Seelie Court know that her sister Calantha~, spurned and framed for the vicious and brutal murder of the aristocrat Taurus, has vowed to exact vengeance upon her betrayers.

    In the hunt for an ancient relic of powerful sorcery, the enchanted dagger called the Akribis*--a blade forged with the bitterest of magics--a terrible plot will be uncovered. Amidst the turmoil and bloodshed of open warfare, a group of unlikely heroes will emerge to reveal the secret vendettas and dark intentions of even the most admirable of Fae, and the surprising virtue hidden in the condemned and vile Unseelie.

    Soon Calantha, following clues in the conspiratorial letters between her sister Tatiana and her former lover Andrei, encounters Seth~, a metaphysical being with a grim sense of humor. She is forced to rely upon him when he kills the last Guardian* of the Akribis and absorbs the information needed to find the dagger's hidden resting place in the Temple of Lilith*.

    They are joined by the Nixie Vythica~, a Seelie with power over the element of water and an enchanting musician. She is key to attaining the Akribis, for only Seelie can enter hallowed ground such as the Temple where the dagger rests. In exchange for her help, Calantha vows to murder the Unseelie that killed Vythica's deceased fiance. Their company expands with the addition of Hawthorne, Vythica's dhampyr bodyguard and longtime monk (who may or may not have a dark side...).

    As they journey through strange lands, encountering obstacles and enemies alike, they realize they are not the only ones searching for the Akribis. Battling illusion and their deepest fears in the Narissan Labyrinth, they search for a mysterious object (oh Seth and his vagueries) to continue their quest and find the dagger. Will they survive?

    Stay tuned to find out!

    And feel free to join the epic journey!

    If you'd like to submit a character in the character submissions topic, go ahead! keeping in mind that:

    -Time period is medieval. No guns. No cell phones or iPods. etc.

    -Tir'na'nog is the "realm" of the Fae, but oftentimes overlaps with the mortal realm.

    -Even Fae, immortal though some are, can be killed.

    -No unlimited power. Races are varying, but an awesome website to choose from is at the bottom of this post.

    -This is a collaborative effort, serious plot twists should be discussed with all involved.

    -We would love for people to join, and we're friendly, so don't be afraid to send a shout out!

    Seelie Political Structure:

    Matriarchal: Queen (current: Tatiana)
    King, who rules at her left hand (current: none)

    Heads of Houses: Many and currently unnamed
    -oftentimes called House of "Head" aka House of Tatiana or House of the Queen
    House of Sidhe (Tatiana)
    House of Faerie
    House of Banshees

    *Sidhe is pronounced 'She', a race of Fae with tri-colored eyes and the ability to cast Glamours, or illusions, strength with this power varies between Sidhe.

    *Akribis: a dagger forged with the fang of a Basilisk by a powerful sorcerer who created it as a weapon to use against vile betrayers--instead of mere death, those even nicked by the blade of Akribis would be sent to a kind of purgatory where their very soul would be punished for the wrongdoings that their attacker had pinned on them (whether correctly or not).

    ~ = See character sheets for further detail of characters

    *Guardians of the Akribis: a sect of Sidhe that guard the location of the Akribis. Their knowledge is passed down through heredity, due to a specific blood magic, and is rarely ever spoken aloud.

    *Temple of Lilith: named after the wife of the sorcerer who created the Akribis, the Temple of Lilith has been the dagger's resting place for many centuries. Its grounds are sacred, blessed by the Seelie, and so are poisonous to Unseelie, whose blood is corrupted and whose ways are antithesis to the Seelie.

    Races to choose from: List of Mythical Creatures

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